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The Science of Colour

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Nurturing Visual Development in 3-4 Month Old Babies

At 3 to 4 months old, your baby's visual world is beginning to flourish with the wonders of colour. As their eyesight continues to develop, their perception of the world becomes richer and more vibrant. During this stage, babies can differentiate a wider range of colours, adding new dimensions to their visual experiences..

Scientifically speaking, the color vision receptor cells in your baby's eyes are undergoing significant maturation. They are gradually becoming more sensitive to various hues, allowing your little one to discern an expanding palette of colours. While red and green were previously distinguishable around 2 months of age, the range of perceived colors continues to expand.

The Fascinating World of Colours for 3-4 Month Old Babies

Bold and contrasting colours become even more captivating for your baby's inquisitive mind. Vibrant blues, lively yellows, and enchanting greens are now starting to capture their attention. These captivating shades stimulate your baby's developing brain, fostering curiosity and cognitive growth.

Enhancing Cognitive Development

As their colour perception matures, the visual world becomes a canvas of exploration. Soft pastels, bright primaries, and subtle shades provide an array of sensory experiences for your little one. These interactions with colours play a crucial role in supporting their cognitive development, creativity, and overall visual understanding.

Fostering Curiosity

Incorporating richly coloured objects and patterns into your baby's surroundings can further enhance their visual journey. Colourful toys, books with vivid illustrations, and creatively designed blankets offer delightful moments of discovery for your 3 to 4-month-old explorer.

Embrace the science of colour with our custom-designed baby blankets, and witness the joy and fascination in your baby's eyes as they continue to explore the world of colours around them.

The Magic of Black and White for newborns

As a newborn, their vision is initially blurry, and they are naturally drawn to high contrast patterns, such as black and white. These bold designs are not only visually striking but also an essential source of fascination for your baby